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About CityBus

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to Moscow, RF, to Russian specialized salon devoted to city buses and minibuses, components, accessories and instruments for city buses manufacturing and servicing!

In 2019 the CityBus will be held in Moscow, at Sokolniki fairground, in May, 14-16.

Working hours: 14-15 May: 10.00-18.00, 16 May: 10.00-14.00.

CityBus salon is targeted at managers and experts from municipal and private transport companies, as well as city authorities.

The expo has a narrow specialization - buses for urban and suburban routes. It allows to stress special features of buses valid for using in city traffic:

  • Dynamic moving style, smoothness of a course, ecological compatibility in a street cycle
  • Low-floor construction, fitness for transportation of invalids, baby carriages
  • Reliability and throughput of door sections
  • Features of work of systems of climate control taking into account frequent opening of doors
  • Brightness and uniformity of light exposure of salon
  • Erasing stability of the floor covering
  • Security of a body from corrosion
  • Specific demands for alarm and security systems
  • Fitness of money collection, information and entertainment systems to a city volume of passenger traffic
  • Maintainability and serviceability at harsh Russian weather and other conditions

Пандус для инвалидов   автобус большой вместимости в городе   АСКП

The range of buses exposed reflects requirements for the routes with intensive passenger traffic (high-capacity buses), for local and coasting routes, for routes "city-suburb" and other variants of use of buses in the cities.